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Accentec 10 "كمبيوتر لوحي صناعي يعمل بنظام Windows وعرة


Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of WorkHeld?

Accentec 10 "كمبيوتر لوحي صناعي يعمل بنظام Windows وعرة


Drag & drop work order scheduling

Using the work order planning and scheduling in WorkHeld allows you to quickly assign, schedule and dispatch projects, work orders and workers.

Convenient dispatching of workers in the work manager dashboard:

Whether it is assembly, service or maintenance work – drag & drop job planning makes it easy for you to schedule the work that needs to be done and assign it to the responsible employees. The work manager view makes weekly planning easy and is accessible from every PC with an internet connection.


Progress reporting and status dashboard

Through the integrated status dashboard its easy to keep track of projects, assignments and work order status. Thanks to the simple progress monitoring, you can see immediately if an order is behind schedule or a defect has occurred.

Status management for progress tracking:

WorkHeld is equipped with a sophisticated status management system that spans the entire platform and ensures that you stay on top of all projects, assignments and work orders and can easily track the progress.

The heart of this feature is the status dashboard, which shows you that status of all your projects.


Tool management

The tool management in WorkHeld allows coordinators to define the tools required to execute work orders as well as individual work steps, and technicians receive detailed information about each tool.

Knowing what is needed:

With the right tools, the work is easier! That’s why WorkHeld offers the possibility to attach tools directly to the work order or individual work steps via drag & drop. This way, technicians know exactly that they need a particular measuring device, for example, to carry out an inspection.

In addition, information on handling or the necessary safety precautions can also be provided with the tools. 


Asset management

Using WorkHeld’s asset management, coordinators can assign the affected assets directly to work orders and individual work steps in WorkHeld, and technicians receive detailed information. Maintenance and service work on the system is documented and included in the system history.

Asset as the linchpin:

Using the asset management in WorkHeld, new assets can be created and attached to the work order or individual work steps by drag & drop. This provides technicians with detailed information on the status of the asset, its exact location, the specifics of the asset and the contact person.


Checklists and templates

Assembly, service or maintenance – technicians are always dependent on checklists and forms. WorkHeld makes managing and working with checklists very easy.

Digitalisation of checklists and documents:

Despite digital job planning, many companies still work with classic documents as PDF or in paper form. The consequences are non-transparent documentation and media breaks. WorkHeld provides a remedy here! Checklists and documents can easily be created as digital checklists and saved as templates. With a few clicks the checklists can be attached to a work step so that the technician knows immediately what to do.


Measured value acquisition

Measured variables and meter readings can be documented with WorkHeld in just a few steps, including photos and additional information.

Documenting measured values – without restrictions

The measured value acquisition in WorkHeld allows fast and uncomplicated acquisition of measured variables, meter readings and other values. Which measured values and units are to be made available can be set individually.


Document management

With the document management in WorkHeld, images, material lists, plans and other files can be added to work orders or as part of the documentation. All documents are also available to technicians offline.

Everything in a digital briefcase:

Gone are the days when it was necessary to carrying around thick files with technical drawings, parts lists and old reports. With the document management in WorkHeld, documents can be easily attached to work orders! And best of all – after a single synchronization, these documents are available to the technicians offline.


Material management

Material management allows coordinators and technicians to monitor their material inventory and consumption in WorkHeld and order supplies and spare parts in just a few steps.

Flexible material catalogue:

In WorkHeld you can either enter an extensive material catalog manually, import it from an external system or keep it up-to-date via interfaces. A distinction is made between spare parts, consumables and assembly material to ensure maximum flexibility.

One of the main functions of material management is the possibility to document material consumption in order to invoice the customer or to include it in the asset history. 


SAP Integration

SAP ERP and WorkHeld – two software solutions – one match made in heaven. The user-friendly cloud solution WorkHeld can be individually customized for your maintenance company and your needs!

Compatibility of SAP & WorkHeld:

With the SAP ERP software solution, you can create and manage your service orders, but the preparation of these orders usually seems very complex and the software is only easy to handle for experts. By adding WorkHeld you get the best of both software solutions: the power of SAP and the user interface of WorkHeld!

Once the order has been created in the SAP system, it can be processed quickly and easily with WorkHeld and its individually adaptable features. Keep an overview of the order status at all times. 


Defect management

With the defect management in WorkHeld, technicians can quickly and easily document defects or problems, including photos and a detailed description of the defects, time loss and materials involved.

Easy defect documentation without compromises:

The documentation of defects is important in order to be able to react quickly and correctly in case of an emergency. WorkHeld offers a variety of possibilities to not only document faults or problems in detail but also to handle them in a sensible way.

Technicians can choose from predefined deviation and defect categories when documenting defects.


Recording of expenses

WorkHeld makes it easy for technicians to document expenses including date and photo of the invoice.

Expense recording with photo of the invoice:

Expense recording makes it very easy to keep track of travel costs and expenses. Of course, the currency in which the expenses are recorded can be adjusted individually and you can attach a photo of the expense entry to the invoice at any time.

The invoice can be photographed in the classic way or added to the expense entry using the integrated document scanner – this ensures that the expenses stated actually match the invoice amount.


Work and travel time recording

With WorkHeld, technicians can quickly and easily document their working and travel times either via the automatic start/stop function or with manual entries including breaks and additional information on the accomplished work.

Record working and travel times immediately, accurately and fairly:

With WorkHeld you record working and travel times immediately, accurately and fairly. One click is enough and the start/stop automatic starts the working time recording, which is not only automatically written to the appropriate job, but also assigned exactly to the individual work steps.


Reports with digital signature

Technicians can use WorkHeld to generate pre-built or individuale designed reports from their documentation easily and have them quickly signed by the customer with a digital signature.

Digital reports:

Creating reports with WorkHeld is easier than ever before. At the push of a button, a PDF report is generated from the technicians’ documentation, which can be signed with a digital signature. Technicians can choose from pre-defined report types or create an individual report by selecting and deselecting individual entries.


Work order templates

Many work orders in the day to day business are almost the same. With the WorkHeld work order templates you do not have to create them individually again and again.

Simple creation of work order templates:

Many processes in assembly, service or maintenance are repeated in one way or another. Therefore it does not make sense to create them from scratch again and again. This is not only time-consuming, but also prevents learning from completed projects, assignments and work orders.

With the work templates in WorkHeld there is no need to create a template first. Instead, the work templates can be created and saved from an existing project at the push of a button. 


Annotations and photo protocols

With the annotation feature in WorkHeld, images, drawings and other documents can be annotated to document defects easily and create photo protocols or as-built documentation.

Document annotation and photo protocols for as-built documentation:

The document management in WorkHeld App offers technicians the possibility to enrich their documentation with pictures, sketches and other documents. 

This is particularly useful for documenting defects or as an additional safeguard when reading critical measurement values.

Together it allows to easily create photo protocols and as-built documentation. 

الكمبيوتر اللوحي ثلاثي الحماية قوي ومتين. يمكن تشغيله في البيئات شديدة البرودة والساخنة. إنها مناسبة لخدمات المناطق الخطرة وإنفاذ القانون وخدمات الطوارئ والمستودعات والخدمات اللوجستية والمستشفيات والمطاعم وإدارة البيع بالتجزئة.

الكمبيوتر اللوحي ثلاثي الحماية قوي ومتين. يمكن تشغيله في البيئات شديدة البرودة والساخنة. إنها مناسبة لخدمات المناطق الخطرة وإنفاذ القانون وخدمات الطوارئ والمستودعات والخدمات اللوجستية والمستشفيات والمطاعم وإدارة البيع بالتجزئة.

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